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help: what you have to do to find out if live near one. good morning. it's tuesday, september 21. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. you time is 5:00. gianna franco has more on a deadly accident in san jose. >> reporter: the accident happened at the intersection of o'grady and almaden expressway. a vehicle drove into a light pole, may have hit a tree. in the process, the car caught on fire. the driver was taken to the hospital. the passenger died at the scene. authorities will be in the area for quite some time this morning for the investigation. so expect closures in the area. we'll have up dates all morning long. this is san jose o'grady at almaden expressway is where that fatal accident occurred. i'll have more details in my forecast. here's tracy. >> thank you, gianna. yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. today expecting temperatures to
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cool down a bit. mid-70s in concord, lower 70s in livermore, 69 degrees in oakland, 71 in fremont, 72 degrees in san jose, 64 in san francisco. mid-70s in napa, santa rosa and 70 degrees in vallejo and in san rafael. so we're cooling down a bit today. what about sunshine? will it be as nice as yesterday? we'll take a look at today's conditions, your afternoon highs, for more bay area cities in just a few moments. back to you. >> thank you. a warning for women in oakland. be aware of your surroundings. anne makovec reports from lake merritt. thank you. >> reporter: these assaults started out as robberies and turned into sexual assaults according to police. it happened around lake merritt. this area is regarded as relatively safe but people are warning people to keep their guard up. police aren't releasing many details but they happened sunday night within a fewer
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hours of each other. two women were robbed and sexually assaulted somewhere in this lake merritt neighborhood. they were both coming home when they were attacked and it happened in relatively secluded areas. police believe it's the same attacker in both cases. african-american, 20s, around 5'10" to 6 feet tall with a weapon. women in the area are being told that stay in well lit areas with other people around. >> we'll have to find someplace else to walk. >> everybody is walking around with an ipod in their hands. >> reporter: if you are walking around by yourself, don't have the earbuds in your ears listening to music and don't be on your phone because it takes away your attention from your surroundings. and when you get into your car,
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lock it immediately and be careful getting in and out of your car. >> thank you, very much anne makovec in oakland. a woman was able to fight off a man who attacked her in the south bay over the weekend. a woman was jogging sunday morning when a man pushed her into an aqueduct and tried to attack her in san jose. the man is hispanic, mid-50s, 5'6", 150 pounds. the santa clara county sheriff's department still looking into the incident near snell and colleen drive. a vallejo man is under arrest charged with the murder of his girlfriend when police found a car covered with blood in vallejo and a second car in american canyon with a body in it. a metal bat was found with the body. police believe 39-year-old william uvando used it to beat
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his girlfriend a 33-year-old. authorities say the man called several people after the alleged beating as he drove around with the body in the front seat. he eventually showed up at a coworker's apartment. the coworker called 911. then the man surrendered and confess, according to police. after calls from politician and the public, pg&e has now posted maps showing the locations of the riskiest gas pipeline in the state. pipe segments get on the list based on four criteria. first, will there or has there been third party construction nearby? is there any pipe corrosion? has there been any land movement near the pipes, such as an earthquake? and finally, the pipe's age, design and what it's made of. the pg&e president christopher johns says these factors constantly affect the list. >> this list is in flux. some items will move up, some will move down the list. >> pg&e says the san bruno section of pipe that exploded was not on the top 100 list.
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when the utility finds out what caused the explosion, it might have to change the criteria. the maps on the website aren't the greatest but they will eventually become interactive. and you can find out if you live near one of those high risk pipelines by calling a pg&e hotline. we'll have the number at click on "links and numbers" on the front page. more than 100 people showed up to protest a new jail on the peninsula. this was in redwood city last night. the 6-story facility will be built in the heart of town. people who live in the area are concerned about their safety and also the future of downtown revitalization. the county will reconsider its plans in light of all the opposition. time now 5:05. >> let's check weather and traffic. gianna, how's the commute? >> not so good on surface streets. we have a very serious accidents, deadly car crash in san jose this morning at o'grady and almaden expressway. now, we got reports that one
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person died at the scene. the passenger of the vehicle was taken to the hospital. the vehicle drove into a light pole, may have also hit a tree. at one point the car became fully engulfed in flames. there is lots of activity in the area. expect closures as they conduct an investigation. this happened at the intersection of o'grady and almaden expressway. we have reports of a water main break in mill valley central drive is closed right at thomas drive not too far from 101. give yourself some extra time. metering lights off at the bay bridge toll plaza. light towards the toll plaza. that's a look that's a your that's a look at your commute. here's tracy with your forecast. >> yesterday was superb. here's a picture of our moon, a
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photographer giving us a nice view. inland mostly clear with a few low clouds. mostly cloudy around the bay and low clouds and fog expected for the coastline. i did say yesterday was super because it really was. it was a nice day. today still nice but just not as warm. inland mid-70s, temperatures cooling down a bit sun and clouds especially around the bay with the lower to the upper 70s and along the coastline the upper 50s to the lower 60s as low clouds and fog are expected to remain along the coastline. we'll take a closer look at more bay area cities and their afternoon highs and also what does the first day of fall, tomorrow, hold? that's all coming up. back to you. >> thank you. time is 5:07. up next, the second dead whale to appear in bay area waters within a week. >> today the senate takes up "don't ask, don't tell," the celebrity now getting involved. also, what the former
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that's why there's lubriderm® daily moisture. it contains the same nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. skin absorbs it better and it lasts for 24 hours. later gator. lubriderm. your moisture matched. good morning, we are monitoring this deadly car crash in san jose at o'grady and almaden. we have a crew heading to the scene to bring us more information. also a look at the drive on the bay bridge coming up in traffic in 6 minutes. >> thank you, gianna. the united states senate could decide today to end the "don't ask, don't tell" policy about gays in the military. the senate is scheduled to vote on a $726 billion pentagon spending bill. democrats attached a measure to that bill to end "don't ask,
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don't tell." meanwhile entertainer lady gaga had a rally in maine to urge that state's two republican senators break with the gop and support the bill. mark hurd says he will give up $30 million of his severance package from hewlett-packard. the former ceo is doing it to settle a lawsuit brought by hp after hurd was hired by oracle to be co-president. that lawsuit claimed violations of agreements to protect hp's secrets by taking on such a high level role at oracle. he resigned from hp last month in the wake of a sexual harassment allegation. he was cleared of all charges. another dead whale surfaced in the bay area. voters are told to slow down. not much left of the 50-foot- long carcass that washed up on ocean beach yesterday morning. smelly, too. you can hardly tell what kind of whale it was. it will be dead for quite some time. scientists from the marine mammal center trying to figure
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out the species and how it died. marine life experts say there are a lot of whales in the bay area waters right now because of the abundance of krill. a smaller dead whale was carried into the port of oakland last thursday on the bow of a container ship. the oakland city council voting on whether to place videocameras on the uniforms of office to record interaction with the public. >> the question of the day. do you think police officers should have videocameras on their uniforms? seems like they are everywhere now. send your comments to or post your answers on facebook. we're also on twitter, so tweet us. >> i think if it's not intrusive for the sense for officers to wear an extra piece of equipment, i think many times when they have the suits out in the field this is a good way to report it. >> right. if it doesn't get in the way and there are cameras now in cop cars. >> i think they would
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appreciate them, as well. 5:12. patches of fog out there and tracy says, hey, it's going to be cooler, right? >> it's going to be cooler today but still expecting some sunshine. here's a look outside looking out toward the bay bridge this morning and we do still have a few clouds out there but not a lot of fog in the bay, not now we don't. we'll take a look at today's afternoon highs in just a few moments. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stories: good morning from the traffic center. we start off in san jose where one person is dead following a fiery car crash. it happened this morning at the intersection of o'grady and almaden expressway. authorities say the vehicle hit a light pole possibly then a tree. it caught on fire, was fully engulfed. the fire is out but the drive was taken to the hospital. the passenger died on the scene. lots of activity as police conduct the investigation. we have a news crew headed there to get us more information. the rest of the freeways throughout the south bay not bad. a live look at 280 where traffic is fairly light northbound no troubles to report here. water main break in mill valley, central drive closed at thomas drive. south 101 approaching the golden gate bridge, traffic up
5:17 am
to speed in both directions, no delays south of there into the peninsula and a live look at the bay bridge right now. metering lights are off. traffic is very light as you approach the toll plaza. 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. -- hey, thanks, gianna. here's a look out the door what you can expect for the morning. mostly clear conditions with a few clouds inclanks arounded bay and more clouds as you move toward the coastline. this afternoon sunshine, temperatures from 70 to 76 degrees. sun and clouds cooler around the bay, low clouds and fog at the coast. temperatures in the upper 50s. clouds are! us slightly more clouds today and also a nicer sea breeze cooling us down a bit, clouds
5:18 am
are moving in giving us slicely more clouds today. the lower 60s in daly city to pacific. 69 in oakland. lower to mid-70s in danville and walnut creek. that's mild. 70 in dublin. and the 70s in antioch and brentwood. mid-70s in napa, sonoma and petaluma. falling from near 80 yesterday. 70 degrees in san rafae. 64 thursday is the first full day of fall and the 80s. by friday, the 90s. saturday, sunday, monday, boy, it's going to be a late summer warmup through the bay area. it will be nice. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. here's a look at this
5:19 am
morning's top stories. two separate attacks on women in an oakland neighborhood sunday night. the victims say they were robbed and then sexually assaulted. the incidents happened near lake merritt in relatively excluded areas. the "los angeles times" reports the city of bell put $95,000 in public funds into the city manager's retirement account. state auditors say that could be federal wire fraud. an audit shows councilmembers didn't know about the payments which occurred in 2008 and 2009. getting a flu shot can lower the risk of heart attack by 19% in people 40 and older. the numbers are higher for people who got their flu shot early between september and mid- november. now, doctors believe there maybe a link between respiratory infections and heart attacks. the federal reserve could decide today whether to take action to boost the economic recovery. the feds's policy setting group meeting in washington. the fed's benchmark interest rate is at a record low.
5:20 am
options the fed might consider include buying government debt or mortgage-backed security. the global airline industry has rebounded but the international air transport association says the industry faces another slowdown next year. the group says airline industry profits will likely jump this year to nearly $9 billion. asia will lead the growth, europe expected to be the only region to lose money. and americans seem to be happy with their computers, especially if they have apple. for the 7th year in a row apple computers had the highest rating in the american customer satisfaction index. apple getting 86 points out of 100. three points higher than last year. dell and hewlett-packard did better than last year at 77 out of 100 each. compaq was unchange from last year with a 74 rating. it is 5:20. security couldn't catch him. coming up, how an elusive fan
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was finally caught after running on the field at the braves-phillies game in philadelphia. ,,,,,,,,[ jogging ]
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foster city expect plenty of sunshine with highs in the upper 60 mountain view 71, sunnyvale 72, more bay area cities and today's high temperatures coming up. thank you, tracy. it is 5:24. paris hilton has pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine. because a plea deal, she has been sentenced to one year of probation. so if she violates the terms she could face a year in prison. [ inaudible ] >> if you violate the terms of your probation you will serve one year... take this very seriously. do you understand me? >> yes, your honor. i promise. >> anything else? >> hard to take anything she says seriously. she is a really good-looking
5:25 am
mugshot, though. in august she was arrested outside a last vegas hotel and casino when police accused her of having cocaine in her purse. she claimed the purse didn't belong to her, that it belonged to her boyfriend, a man purse. lindsay lohan a judge has issued an arrest warrant after the action tress said on twitter that -- the actress said on twitter that she failed a drug test. she spent 23 days in rehab after being in jail for three weeks. the judge will decide if she should go back to rehab. >> there is your tmz report for the day. you knew it was bound to happen. the oxford dictionary is adding a list of net and texting inspired words.
5:26 am
>> among them, bff, defriend when you stop being someone's friend on facebook. drama. >> ttyl, talk to you later. and lmao, laughing my... you know, the other word, for derriere, off. i guess. >> yeah. >> off. yeah. when you text a lot those words they can mean a lot like a smiley face at the end of a line, that's a different feeling than just... leaving it without the smiley face. [ laughter ] >> now all about that. a bit of baseball nonsense in the middle of a pennant race between the braves and phillies. the 7th inning stretch just ended in philadelphia and a fan came out of the stands. security guards couldn't catch him but atlanta outfielder matt diaz was able to help. he tripped up the fan, and security took hm down. the fans gave the braves a big hand for helping out. apparently some fan said marry me. they liked it. >> we are watching this.
5:27 am
we have to talk about the 49ers. did you watch the game? >> no. >> i went to bed thinking this is not going well. 25-22 a field goal by the saints at the end. what a fantastic game against the super bowl champs. >> who were you rooting for? >> it was tough. i'm a big 49ers fan but then i'm from louisiana and got to love those saints. i was in downtown union square yesterday, beautiful day, this is going to be a good game and it was fantastic. we'll have highlights in the 6:00 hour. all right. in the meantime it is 5:27. >> coming up, how obesity can not only hurt a person's health but also their wallet. >> and space shuttle discovery prepares to go into space for the very last time. two women are robbed and sexually assaulted. new warnings from police about ipods and cell phones.
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kohara. and i'm er. good morning. it is tuesday, the 21st of september. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. two women attacked near their homes in the lake merritt neighborhood. anne makovec is in that area of oakland with what police are saying this morning. and anne, this is a relatively quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: yeah, it's regarded as a generally safe place to be here around lake
5:31 am
merritt. we have already seen several women jogging past alone and it's obviously still dark out at this hour. but police are warning everybody to keep their guard up in this area. they are not releasing a lot of details about the attacks that happened but we do know that they occurred sunday night. it started out as robberies and escalated to sexual assaults. then within hours of each other two women were robbed and sexually assaulted in this lake merritt area. they were coming home when it happened in relatively secluded areas of the neighborhood. police gave us a loose description of the attacker. this could fit a lot of people but we are telling what we know. a black male, 20s, 5'10" to 6 feet tall, dark clouds with a weapon. women are told to stay in well
5:32 am
lighted areas with other people around. >> after today talking to you i'll probably be a little more careful. >> reporter: now, one thing that could make you a more likely victim is the old cell phone or ipod when you have the headphones in your ears, you are more likely to be attacked according to police. they are also warning everybody that once you get in your car, lock the doors immediately and be very careful when you get out of your car, as well. that's some advice my grandma gave me way back when. drive with your doors locked. so be careful going in and out of your vehicle. >> i think my mother gave me the same advice. thank you, anne makovec live in oakland. a woman was able to fight off a man who attacked her in the south bay over the weekend. she was jogging sunday morning when a man pushed her into an
5:33 am
aqueduct at snell and colleen. the man is described as hispanic, mid-20s, 5'6", 150 pounds. the santa clara county sheriff's department is looking into the incident. it was a terrible commute on the bay area's first freeway express lane designed with the goal of improving the commute on interstate 680. the h.o.t. lane or high occupancy toll lane opened on 680 southbound. there was confusion as people tried to merge on the new lane. drivers have about a mile to do it but yesterday, many moved over much too quickly lead to traffic jams. still officials think things will get better soon. >> i think that as people become more familiar with the lanes and get used to the fact that they are driving in a h.o.t. lane or have the ability to get to the lane, things will settle down. >> the new lane covers a 14- mile stretch. tolls are collected from
5:34 am
fastrak transponders and the price fluctuates between $1 and $5.25 depending on the conditions. there are more plans for alameda county and santa clara counties. a celebration marks the completion of a highway improvement project in the east bay to improve traffic flow in the castro valley area. it includes a revamp of the redwood road interchange with the new eastbound on-ramp and westbound off-ramp. >> this should happen when this freeway was built but it didn't. it took a while but we delivered now and i think it's going to be good for castro valley, good for the region. >> the 580 interchange project cost about $30 million. 80% of it paid for by alameda county's half cent sales tax. the rest by state and federal funds. time now 5:34. gianna franco has been following a deadly accident in
5:35 am
san jose. hey, gianna. is it still blocking lanes? >> reporter: yeah, actually it is. i just got word that almaden expressway is closed between harry and o'grady slow to will be lots of closures in the area for the investigation. what happened, this was a deadly car crash. it happened in san jose early this morning on o'grady at almaden expressway. one person has died. it was a passenger. the driver was take to the hospital. the vehicle crashed and went up in flames. fire vehicles are on the scene. almaden expressway is closed between harry and o'grady. we have a live crew on scene and we'll have live pictures coming up in the next report. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >> hey, thanks, gianna. we are cooling down slightly. yesterday santa rosa at 82. 80 in concord. 80 in san jose. 68 in san francisco. well, what's in store for
5:36 am
today? it is the last full day of summer. 6 degrees cooler in santa rosa. san francisco losing a little, 4 degrees cooler. we'll take a look at more bay area cities and today's highs in a few moments. back to you. >> thank you. pg&e has now posted maps showing the locations of the riskiest pipelines in the state. pipe segments get on the list based or four criteria. will there or has there been third party construction nearby? pipe corrosion? land movement near the pipe such as earthquakes? the pipe's age, design and what it's made of. pg&e's president christopher johns says these factors impact the list constantly. >> this list is in flux. some items will move up the list, some will move down. >> pg&e says the san bruno section of pipe that exploded was not on the top 100 list. when the utility company finds out what caused the explosion, it might have to change its
5:37 am
criteria. the maps on the website aren't the greatest as you can see. but they will become interactive soon. you can find out if you live near one of those high risk pipelines by calling pg&e's hotline, 1-888-743-7431. it's right there on your screen. we also have that number on our website, that's you can just click on "links and numbers." it's on our front page. this week, the coroner's office is expected to confirm that three people who have been listed as missing are in fact dead. that would push the total number of victims from the san bruno explosion from four to now seven. six people injured in the blast are still in the hospital. one of them is in critical condition. and clean-up of the destroyed homes could start as soon as thursday. county health experts worry about hazards to the surrounding neighborhoods for metals and small amounts of asbestos. auditors say that the city
5:38 am
of bell in southern california used $95,000 to pay off loans that the former city manage her made to himself. a draft state audit says that money was put into robert rizzo's retirement account in 2008 and 2009. and it says city council members did not know about the payment. also, all financial transactions revolved around rizzo, who had complete control over city funds. the full audit by the state controller will be released this week. 17 years of "don't ask, don't tell" in the u.s. military could end soon. as tara mergener reports, the debate includes lobbying by a singing star. reporter: the senate today could move one step closer to repealing the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, a law that bans gays from serving openly, leading democrats need 60 votes to push it through and all eyes are on a handful of lawmakers who could cast the deciding vote. >> "don't ask, don't tell" is
5:39 am
wrong. >> reporter: in maine monday pop sensation lady gaga ditched her trademark outrageous look for a black suit. she urged republican senators olympia snowe and susan collins to break with the gop and support the bill do. >> doesn't it seem to you that we should [ indiscernible ] prejudice decision [ inaudible ] >> reporter: she even had her own policy to propose. >> our new law is called if you don't like it, go home. cheers clears clears cheers. >> reporter: the home. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: it's part of a larger defense bill. today's vote will bring the bill to the floor. republicans say congress shouldn't vote until after the pentagon completes its study on the issue in december. democrats argue the move is long overdue. >> repeal of it is absurd. >> reporter: on the street feelings are mixed. >> it should stay the way it
5:40 am
is. >> reporter: "don't ask, don't tell" was enacted in 1993 by president clinton. under the policy, more than 13,000 soldiers have been discharged. but it could take some time before the issue is resolved. while today's vote is a critical step, a final vote is not expected until after november's midterm elections. in washington, tara mergener, cbs 5. a helicopter carrying international troops crashed in afghanistan today killing nine servicemembers in the south of the country where troops have been fighting taliban insurgents. but it's not clear in the cause was enemy fire or mechanical -- if the cause was enemy fire or mechanical problems. 525 u.s. and nato troops have died in afghanistan this year. that makes 2010 the deadliest year since the war began in 2001. members of the denver broncos football team are mourning the death of a fellow player. 23-year-old wide receiver kenny mckinley was found dead in his home near denver yesterday
5:41 am
afternoon. he had apparently shot himself to death. mckinley was the second round draft pick out of south carolina last year. he had not played this year because of a knee injury suffered in training camp. the space shuttle discovery on the launch pad at cape canaveral for the last time. the shuttle moved from a hangar overnight on top of a giant transporter. nasa workers and families gathered to watch. discovery is set to lift off on november 1 for a trip to the international space station. the shuttle endeavour will follow in february to wrap up 30 years of shuttle flights. nasa's future direction is uncertain because of disagreements in washington. time now 5:41. next, another reason to get a flu shot. cutting your risk for heart attack. >> rescues from michael vick's estate. >> he has had so much evil in his life and now so muc love.
5:42 am
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good morning from the traffic center. we start off in san jose right now where we are following this deadly car crash that happened this morning. almaden expressway is closed between harry and o'grady. one person is dead. the passenger -- the driver was actually taken to the hospital. the passenger died on scene. the vehicle an suv hit a light pole possibly a tree. at one point it caught on fire. there is lots of activity around the area as they conduct the investigation. a almaden is shut down between harry and o'grady. highway 12 near red top road traffic alert. one way traffic control in effect in the westbound side of highway 12.
5:45 am
this is due to an accident looks like chp is advising motorists to use alternate routes. no estimated time of when it will re-open. mill valley water main break at the intersection of central and thomas driving, shut down, crews on scene. else where through san francisco, we have a closure, howard is shut down between 3rd and 4th street due to oracle open world at the moscone center so expect delays. use mass transit. bart no delays. ace on time, muni and caltrain checking in problem-free. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far, so good no delays approaching the pay gates. everything clear across the upper deck into san francisco. the metering lights are still off. checking 880 right now, both directions mighty fine near the oakland coliseum. i hear our weather is mighty fine, tracy. >> yeah, weather mighty fine. it's the last full day of summer. what's in store for today?
5:46 am
how about cooler temperatures? out the door this morning, mostly clear conditions with a few clouds expected inland temperatures ranging from 50 to 58 degrees. mostly cloudy conditions around the bay and we do now have delays on arrivals at sfo around 40 minutes. temperatures anywhere from the lower 50s to the lower 60s and low clouds and fog for the coastline for the morning. for this afternoon, sunshine expected. but not as warm. 70 to 76 degrees inland. sun and clouds lower to upper 60s at the bay. low clouds and fog at the coast, upper 50s. here's ou satellite, look at the clouds all associated with a frontal system, a cold front. that's why today will be slightly cooler with more clouds expected. temperatures today from 70 in union city, 72 santa clara, 71 mountain view, 68 san mateo,
5:47 am
lower 60s at the coast. east bay mid-70s in pittsburg, antioch, brentwood, lower 70s in danville and san ramon and 70 in san leandro. mid-60s in berkeley and 62 in richmond. north bay location, today cooler mid-70s in sonoma and napa, 69 novato, 70 san rafael, 27 kentfield, 70 mill valley and 64 in sausalito and san francisco. five-day forecast. here we go for today. sunshine expected more clouds along the coast but again cooler. tomorrow, temperatures a lot like today. look at what's thursday. warming up. friday, saturday, sunday and monday, forget warm. it's going to be hot. looks like summer leaves and comes back. back to you. >> thank you. in the headlines, oakland police looking for a man who attacked two women separately on sunday night.
5:48 am
both women were robbed and sexually assaulted in the lake merritt area. police have a vague description of the suspects. more than 100 people turned out yesterday to pro it is a plan to build a new -- protest the building of a new jail in redwood city. people are concerned the six- story facility would hurt the revitalization of the area. the county is now reconsidering the plan. the u.s. senate could vote today to end the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. the plan to repeal the 17-year- old policy on gays in the military is included in a pentagon funding bill that is before the senate today. there is another reason to get that flu shot this year. it could actually lower your risk of a heart attack. british researchers found the vaccine can lower heart attack risk by 19% in people 40 and older. the numbers were even higher for people who got their flu shot early. that's between september and mid-november. doctors think there is a link between respiratory infection and heart attacks. the number of heart attacks
5:49 am
goes up significantly in the winter. researchers are putting a price tag on obesity. a report from george washington university found that the annual cost of being obese is thousands of dollars more than just being overweight. it costs obese women over $4,000 a year and men over $2,000. researchers considered things like employee sick days, lost productivity, and even the need for extra gasoline. two-thirds of americans are overweight or obese. a pit bull once trained to kill is now bringing comfort to bay area cancer patients. leo once part of a dogfighting ring that landed nfl quarterback michael vick in jail. but a dog rescue group in los gatos took him in and quickly focused on his gentler nature. every week he wears a clown's caller to a cancer care center in mountain view. the purpose is just to love and be loved by patients who know
5:50 am
what it's like to be hurting and trying to recover. >> i see him, it's just joy. i mean, he makes me feel good inside. you know? it's so good to feel good these days. >> reporter: of the 51 pit bulls taken from vick's property in 2007, only four could not be rescued. the 47 others have found new lives, new homes and new careers around the country. >> awww. leo looks good in a close-up. all right. time 5:50. up next, the aftermath. what happened when a set of bleachers with more than 100 people on it collapsed. i've got power pain can't mess with. (announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel.
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more than one- hundred people... injured after a set of bleachers collapsed during a car race. this was in sout 0 more than 100 people injured after that setup bleachers collapsed during a car race in southern brazil. 200 people watching the race from the stands sunday when the structure fell apart. six people rushed to the hospital two in serious condition. incredible that no one was killed. firemen at the scene say the company that organized the event did not call for an inspection of the bleachers before the race. >> amazing the video caught the exact moment. an indiana billboard is pulled down after a passerby spotted an embarrassing spelling error. the sign was meant to promote schools in south bend but a missing letter kind of made it laughable. obviously, it was supposed to say public, but the i was left
5:54 am
out. >> actually it was the l. >> right. the l was left out. >> that is not the kind of sign -- >> not at all. >> the blue waters group who put up the ad they claim responsibility for the mistake and the company's president says four people proofread the billboard and the typo got by every one of them. >> they're all men with dirty minds. >> you think so? [ laughter ] >> for some reason i don't think they would have let that go. it's too obvious. today a bay area environmental group will reveal a list of creeks and shorelines that have too much trash. >> save the bay is dedicatedden to environmental preservation. volunteers will pick up tires, debris and microtrash that can be harmful to wildlife. today they will present a list of hot spots at martin luther king shore lake part in oakland. tonight the oakland city
5:55 am
council will be voting on whether or not to spend $540,000 to place small rid joe cameras on the uniforms of its officers. the purpose is to record officers' interaction with the public. >> got it right that time, "public." >> with the l. our question of the day, do you think police officers should have videocameras on their uniforms? >> "yes, as long as they n people that they are being videotaped." >> i read they don't center to. >> really? >> yeah. >> "it would be a good idea if there were some way for the camera not to be turned off by police. i would be concerned about this editing." apparently there is going to be something with these cameras where they can't go back and erase. >> sender comments to or post your answers on facebook. we're also on twitter, so tweet us.
5:56 am
hi, ladies in pink, red, pink. reporter: almaden expressway is should down at o'grady. a car went on fire. the passenger died at the scene. we have lots of activity between harry and o'grady. avoid the area. almaden expressway almaden is shut down between harry and o'grady for most of the morning. we'll continue to monitor this throughout the morning. if you' making your way on highway 12, rather let's look at the rest of the south bay freeways are looking good. if you want to use 880 or anything else around almaden expressway as an alternate, that is your best bet. elsewhere, all westbound lanes are shut down due to an accident. this looks like a multi- vehicle wreck. no estimated time when it will
5:57 am
reason. another accident on highway 12 near 80 involving a motorcycle versus a deer so lots of activity this morning. tracy? >> wow, not as active weather- wise today. it is the last full day of summer. cooler temperatures in store. yesterday plenty of sunshine inland, mix of sun and clouds around the bay and more clouds at the coast. thursday we warm up and friday, saturday and sunday, it's hot. mid-90s expected inland all three days near 80 around the bay and the lower 70s for the coastline. >> the one on the right looks like he's posting. >> they are out on the run having a great time. >> they look good. >> it was beautiful in
5:58 am
downtown san francisco yesterday. >> it was. it is 5:57. coming up in the next half hour, it's supposed to make traffic zip along more smoothly but a new express lane in the east bay actually jammed things up. why it's causing confusion. after two women are attacked in an area known to be relatively safe, police giving a new warning about cell phones and ipods. we'll tell you about it coming up. ,,,, the black widow spider's severe bite
5:59 am
can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds.

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